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We buy all vehicles—running or not—and junk cars. We offer free towing. We are always ready to offer towing services when you sell your junk car or trucks. We pay out top cash on the spot. We make it our priority to make the whole process as streamlined and quick as possible.

Sell your junk car to us and give cash for your old vehicle. Any year, make and model. Texas law does require us to ask for the car’s title.

Sell Your Junk Car to Get Maximum CashJunk car removal in Houston, TX

According to Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts for 2017, there was a car crash every 59 seconds somewhere in Texas. According to this Houston Chronicle article, Houston ranks the worst in the nation when it comes to car accidents and car crashes.

What this means is that Houston produces a lot of junk cars. Fortunately, while car crash fatalities have gone down in recent years, this hasn’t meant much in terms of car crashes. And car crashes are the primary reason for junk cars. Unfortunately, with so many car crashes happening daily in our great city, with a constantly growing population, we’re left with even more junk cars.

This is where our Houston junk car removal services come into play. Our tow trucks are outfitted with the tools necessary to tow wrecked cars into our facilities where a team of highly trained mechanics salvage all the useable parts.

Because of our salvage recovery team’s efficiency and skill, we’re able to salvage many more parts than our competition. What this means for you is that because we can recover more parts from your wrecked vehicle, we can compensate you with highly competitive rates. We do this because we find it abhorrent how some of our competitors try to take advantage of the situation when you need the money the most.

top cash

Cars that can’t pass the annual inspection

If you’ve reached this far into your car ownership, you should be proud. A good car will keep running for a very long time. If a car is well looked after, it’ll have your back for decades and will take you on many road trips. And who needs a new flashy car every few years when a good car will last for such a long time?

But eventually, there comes a time when your car has served you and your family for long enough that it deserves to be retired. Though you’ve kept it in good condition over the years, it can no longer pass the annual safety inspection. And you look back to those fond memories and though you know it’s time to retire it, you think that no one is going to buy your very old car.

That’s where you’re wrong, because here at Cash for Cars and Trucks Houston, we buy all types of cars! Just call us and we’ll drive right by with a tow truck (which is free), pay you cash on the spot, get the title to the car and tow it back to our place. Our tow trucks are ready for same-day pick-ups.

And we pay good money. Cash at competitive rates. Higher than other junk car buyers in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. And we pride ourselves in that because we know that your car is valuable to you, just as it is valuable to us. Unlike our competitors, we don’t try to pay less just so we would have a higher profit margin.

Car junk yards

Car junkyards are a great place for gearheads and car enthusiasts looking to find all that they need for their next big car upgrade or for their next auto modification project. Most people seem to think that junkyards are filled with junk. After all, they’re called ‘junk’ yards. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Junkyards are a great place to find the components that you need for the cheap.

Junkyards are an environmentally friendly way of buying car parts

Wrecked cars aren’t worthless. While the vehicle in question may not run any more, it still has lots of parts that are in good working condition. Sometimes important parts like the transmission, car seats, the AC and even the engine itself are left intact.

These salvageable parts are then taken and refurbished before being sold off on the automobile aftermarkets. Gearheads and car enthusiasts can also buy these refurbished parts, and often for far less than they would from the dealership or the auto aftermarkets.

All in all, recycling working parts is great for the environment. It’s never a good idea to throw away an entire car when parts of it can be taken out and resold if they’re in good working condition.

Great place to find obscure parts

As classic and vintage collector car owners will know, it’s hard and expensive finding parts on the auto aftermarkets. Often, the parts they’re after haven’t been made in decades. However, junkyards can often be a great place to look for these hard-to-find parts.

It’s not just classic and vintage collector cars that have parts that are harder to get by. Even some relatively modern cars made in the last decade or two can have some obscure parts. Older generation models that have been discontinued and replaced with newer models are a prime example. They have completely different chassis and parts used in them and so coming across parts for them can be relatively pricey.