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Cars piled up together in a junkyard.

Junk cars piled up together in a junkyard.

Junkyards, also known as wrecking yards, salvage yards, and scrapyards, are where old junk cars are taken to be salvaged for useable parts.

Depending on the vehicle’s condition, the car seats, A/C, steering wheel, tires, transmission, and even car engines might be recoverable. Towers and cash for junk car buyers take wrecked cars to scrapyards to recover all the salvageable auto parts.

Why are good condition cars in junkyards?

There are several types of cars that make it to junkyards. Most get there because they have reached the end of their life cycle. Some result from car accidents, floods, fire; others might have repairable issues but are too expensive to repair.

Cars parked together in a junkyard.

Regardless of why a car has found a junkyard as its new home, junkyards benefit car enthusiasts, the city and the environment. In fact, people’s fascinations with junkyards go back decades as seen in movies and books.

In 2015, Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking closed down after being featured in over 200 Hollywood movies according to the Daily Mail.  The American crime film, In Cold Blood, based on Truman Capote’s book of the same name, featured the junk yard for the first time on 1967. Junk yards have been a part of American pop culture for many decades.

But there are many more reasons as to why junk yards are so big in 2019.

Affordable junk car components

Junk cars fill up scrapyards. They themselves are inexpensive, meaning that their recoverable auto parts are just as equally cheap.

For many car enthusiasts, it makes more sense spending a couple of hours at the salvage yard looking for used auto parts than ordering expensive car parts from the dealership. They save money and they get to have fun while at it.

Fun to explore

Junk yards are a lot of fun to explore. Explorers and car enthusiasts might even come across antique cars and classic cars lying around. It is great fun trying to find rare makes and models. Can be a great pastime and a fun little bet between friends.

Great finds

Salvaged useable auto parts.
Salvaged useable auto parts.

The journey to the junkyard is rarely disappointing when you can find so many great car parts. You might find a well-preserved steering wheel or a well-maintained car engine. The possibilities are limitless. Some have even reported finding cars in perfect working conditions!

This mostly boils down to the junk car itself. Some are automobiles in great working condition. These are not unlike the cash for junk car program we have going, where we buy your junk car for cash.

Other vehicles might be totaled wrecks beyond recognition. These are often vehicles recovered from car crash sites. But even these cars are likely to have auto parts that can be of use, so make sure you always have an eye out for great finds!


It is better for the environment when the junk car’s working parts are recovered before they are decommissioned. Salvaged car parts mean fewer resources need to be used making new car parts. Car manufacturers need fewer materials like plastic to manufacture more car parts. Car manufacturers need not waste energy on manufacturing aftermarket parts.

Overall, scrapyards are all about enabling car enthusiasts to reuse and recycle existing car parts. This is preferable to investing energy and material in creating new car parts, which is often more detrimental to the environment.

Junkyards in Houston, Texas

Houston has many junkyards. This is because Houston is a huge city. With so many people living here in H-Town, and with so many cash for junk cars type businesses, no wonder we have so many.

What happens to cars in junkyards?

Once a car makes it to a junkyard, there are several things that can happen to them. All the different things that can happen to them can be remarkably interesting.

  1. Junk cars are recycled. Someone takes the useful parts out and sets them aside. Everything else, all the bits that no longer work or function and they should, are then squashed and reused. Reusing junk cars keeps over 11 million tons of steel and over 800,000 non-ferrous metals out of landfills. Instead, they go back to car manufacturers, who can then reuse these metals to build new automobiles. This conserves energy and our planet’s resources.
  2. Recovered parts are reused. Junkyards can sell recovered parts to mechanics and car enthusiasts. They are usually in great working condition and are much cheaper to purchase than comparable aftermarkets parts, even those sold in the secondary markets.


As you can see, junkyards are wonderful. Car enthusiasts can find many useful parts for their projects. Intermediaries find these useful parts and sell them on secondary markets, though not before marking up prices. You can avoid all this altogether by trying your local Houston-based junkyard and see if they have the parts you are after.

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